Our Story

 Bel Bête is comprised of Maribel and Jana Nieves, A mother/ daughter team out of Allentown,PA. We began our fashion journey under the name of Bel Bioux in 2013 designing and making pet apparel. Maribel has a background in fashion and Jana is a self-taught seamstress with a degree in entrepreneurship. In 2015  they we're presented with the opportunity to bridge the gap of people and pet fashion when they showcased in Lehigh Valley Fashion week. It was there they launched Bel Bête LLC.

Mission-Bring out the Beast

Bel Bête LLC. Bel is a play on the french word "Belle" meaning Beautiful and Bête meaning beast. Everyone has a Beast, it is the part of us that pushes us to toward our dreams and to be ourselves unapologetically. That is beauty, its our inspiration and we design with this in mind.